Thursday, May 13, 2010


Ok so I'm not a big TV person, I mean I talk a lot about TV shows and stuff, but I don't just sit and watch TV I hear about them from my siblings or I just hear whats going on, but ya. Recently with this foot injury I've been watching A LOT of TV. Mostly shows like Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, the food network, and Ellen.

For the record my Grandma loves Ellen. She has a timer that goes off at 4 every day telling her that Ellen's on. Yah. But recently Ellen has been doing this spot called "Ellen's Wonderful World of Web" or something like that. On yesterdays episode she showed this video ( of twelve year old Grayson Chance singing Paparazzi by Lady Gaga and OH MY FREAKIN GOSH! This kid is incredible. Never had a vocal lesson. 3 years of piano lessons.

Watch this video. Love it. Tell all your friends about it. Do ettttttttt. why? well I'll tell you why...

Pretend its the future twenty years from twenty hundred years from now there's this old man he's just walking then there's this random banana peel. Oh no!!!! the old man is like legally blind and his lil walking dog is on vacation in Fiji. He doesn't see the banana. He steps on the banana peel and WAHBAM! he's down folks. Ten points to Peel, Zipppp for Old Futuristic Man.

Now listen to this kids music! quick before an old futuristic blind man slips on a banana peel!!!! GOOOOOO before its too lateeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Ughhh my keyboard is being all whacky. Like when I press the Enter key it goes upwards. What the frijole?!

Grrrrr....sometimes I wish I was a shark and then I remember oh wait...I'm afraid of deep water, sea creatures, smelly fisherman (pirates are ok oddly enough...but maybe its the accent), Ya so if I was a shark I'd probably be like the anti-shark. I'd be like the little mermaid but like a shark and not a mermaid. Hahahaha.

I am seriously gonna kill this keyboard. DIEEEEEEE! Did you watch the video? hmmmmm? Did you love it. Did you save an old man from a banana peel fiasco? Come on people lives are on the line.

Well...that's all for now folks. Watch that video make that kid FAMMMMOOOOUUUUSSSSS. and while your at it...invite a couple of your friends to follow my blog here....follow it yourself purty please????

Until we meet again folks...oh and remember frogs don't really turn into princes when you kiss them you just contract poisonous diseases.

Madame Rara

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