Monday, September 13, 2010

Just Smile and Wave Boys...Smile and Wave.

Don't you hate it when you walk into a room and then everyone stops talking and they stare at you like you just kicked their cat? I do. This morning I was walking around minding my own business when I ran into my sister, Kiwi, and our friend, Mango. They immediately stopped talking and stared at me with these beady eyes and crazy expressions. I was like cue intense music and dramatic zoom in much? seriously..

Makes me wonder, did I say something wrong? did I make you mad? do I have a ravenous beaver on my head? ya know, all reasonable things to wonder, especially when someone is starin you down like you have a huge ole chunk of spinach in your teeth...and of course no one ever communicates how they're feeling. Like seriously, half of the problems that teenagers face, at school, at home, with friends, are all a result of a LACK of communication. It's like communicating normally, civilly, like we're not wild caveman looking for our next meal, is impossible these days. Seriously!

I'm a natural social butterfly, not gonna lie to you on that one. I'm comfortable enough with my self to tell you if I have a problem with you, but I have enough control to not say, for example, "I hate your guts, I wish you would just take your sorry little self back to that hole 5,000 feet under the surface of the earth where you belong." No I've got enough dignity to not be that mean. To make like the Penguins from Madagascar (not the show, that show is so lame) and "just smile and wave boys smile and wave." Thank you epic penguins for giving us such sound and wise advice in this our darkest  hour of communication.

Which leads me to the topic of this post! SMILE AND WAVE. REPEAT! SMILE AND WAVE!

This seems to be a quite a hard task for some people, for example...some individuals feel the need to, ever time they see some, express to them how stupid they think that person really is. Is this necessary? seriously. Lets make like a Beatles song, and remember "love is all you need." love and the ability to control what you say and when. However this is easier said than done so folks when it becomes hard to filter and you're telling everyone left and right just what's on your mind heed my words SMILE AND WAVE or else I promise you, you will die a bitter lonely soul with a ka-jillion cats and bad ankles. Why the bad ankles? Its all that (one moment my cat decided it wants to scratch its back on my keyboard.fuhuffhg) ahh thats better...what was I saying, oh yes. Bad ankles. All that guilt from years of torturing every soul you interact with it weighs on the soul. Not good for proper ankle development.. Not good at all.

So the moral of this story friends is next time you want to tell that snively red head kid that you wish he would go bother someone else and you will never love him, that you're surprised his own mother can stand him, just take the Rara approach and smile and wave. Eventually he will leave you alone, you're not interacting you see, and if he doesn't...get a restraining order, or call up your Russian mafia bud and have him do ya a favor. :) mmmm Russian mafia.

Hope all ya'll are havin a swell day.

and remember next time you rip open a clam looking for a pearl...pearls are in oysters stupid.

love not lobe