Tuesday, August 3, 2010

when life throws you lemons...scream and toss them back!

sighhhhhh.. so I have had a LOT of free time lately, sooooo in this spare time I've been doing so practice interviews on pretty much anything I can get my hands on. Why? Cause its fun. Check out this interview I did with my dog. I think its very interesting. Posting it now, for posterity.

RaRa: So Delilah Felilah Falula Enchilada Sauce, whats your method for world peace?
Delilah: *silence and blank stare*
RaRa: Don't worry, take you time. No rush here. Just answer when your ready.
Delilah: *another blank stare, blinks and proceeds to lick privates*
Rara: *face palm* oi vey.

As you can see it was a very unsuccessful interview, but that will so be resolved! ah ha! yahhh! you're gonna like thisssss. Anywaysssss. 

Gahhhhh so, sorry I haven't posted in like a month. Its been kinda hectic and yeh I know I say that every time I don't post for a while but...well it's true it has been hectic. You see starfish have overthrown this side of the country, demanding ridiculously large amounts of rice pudding to be transported to their above sea-under-sea lair through giant bindy straws. It. Is. Ridiculous. So I've joined the resistance, we call ourselves the....well I can't tell you that now can I. Hmmmmmmm O.o you could be star-fish spies. You could be out to get me! gahhhhhhhh!

well thats enough of that for now...
well imma go...tell your friends!


la Rara